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Wendy and I are expanding the Northzone NYC investment team! You too could show up to the office wearing accidentally-matching attire. 👯

Wendy and I are so excited to expand Northzone’s NYC team by bringing on another investor. The tech ecosystem is buzzing, our portfolio is thriving, and we’re looking for the next member of our intimate team to help invest in the future generation of maverick entrepreneurs.

To supplement the job posting and give potential candidates a better idea of the role and lifestyle, I’m sharing my “Day in the Life” of being an NYC-based Associate at Northzone VC. …

As online shopping booms and Amazon sets the precedent for instant delivery, new fulfillment players are building the tech-enabled operations for small brands to keep up.

Preface: my colleague Wendy wrote a great article on shifts we’re seeing with Commerce 3.0 here.

Covid catalyzed a market grab from the new generation of fulfillment players

2020 saw a booming e-commerce market and a proliferation of small brands, forces which drove such a surge in delivery demand that the big three logistics players (USPS, FedEx, and UPS) couldn’t keep up and were forced to impose volume caps and surcharges on e-retailers.

This created a huge market-grab opportunity for other fulfillment players to absorb orphaned…

One of the slowest sectors to digitize is in fact coming online, driven by more advanced and operational corporate legal departments.

“Lawyers have been traditionally trained to bill by the hour, putting efficiency and profitability in direct conflict — and creating endless fodder for lawyer jokes.” (Hire An Esquire)

The Growing Power and Prestige of Inside Counsel

The 20th century saw the standing of inside counsel — lawyers employed by private business corporations — elevated from “kept counsel” or “house counsel” in the early-1900s to “corporate counsel” in the mid-1900s to “general counsel” in the late-1900s (Miami School of Law), and today many GC have even adopted more fiduciary titles like “Chief Legal Officer”. This represents the idealogic shift in law that GC no longer are limited to a reactive role overseeing litigation farmed out to law firms but instead are key members of the corporate decision-making team (Harvard Law Bulletin).

Advocates of this in-house trend point…

The opinionist in me is fascinated by how various leaders responded to the Covid crisis, and I asked myself what might I have done.

Me hiking the PCT approaching Hiker Town in the Southern California desert mountains (June 2017).

See part 1 here. Below are some long-form thoughts on the evolving Covid crisis; these views do not represent anyone other than my own.

I like to start any Covid discussion by (a) thanking all crisis-agnostic workers who put themselves in various frontline roles for the public benefit of others (e.g. healthcare, post office, public transit, etc. …

The amateur scientist and economist in me wanted to explore how emerging scientific information impacts public policy.

Me hiking the CDT through Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (Sept 2018).

Below are some long-form thoughts on the evolving Covid crisis; these views do not represent anyone other than my own.

I like to start any Covid discussion by (a) thanking all crisis-agnostic workers who put themselves in various frontline roles for the public benefit of others (e.g. healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc.) and (b) extending sincere sympathy to everyone lost or will lose a loved one or cherished experience due to Covid.

Science in the media

In lieu of a metascience-esque discussion on what science…

Collection and explanation of U.S. resources and new policies for small business founders/owners and their employees affected by COVID-19.

(Image thanks to Patriot.)

While there were rumblings of a market correction and economic downturn, no one was expecting the extent of deceleration that Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) brought upon the global economy. And as confirmed cases continue to rise, it remains impossible to know how long this new norm will last. The general perspective: prepare for the worst.

At Northzone, we’ve been investing in early-stage ventures for almost 25 years. We are one of the few VCs that have first-hand experience scaling businesses across…

Move aside Generations XYZ, the demographic with the deepest pockets and least marketing competition is much older.

U.S. Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 in the post-World War II era, making them ages 55 to 73 today. This group controls 70% of disposable income (U.S. News) and has been / will be increasing their spending by 58% over a two-decade period (VCR).

(ty cb)

2019 as the “Blockbuster Year for Tech IPOs”

The venture ecosystem was buzzing with excitement in the lead-up to 2019, touting it as the “Blockbuster Year for Tech IPOs” when startup behemoths like Uber, Lyft, Slack, Pinterest, and Airbnb were rumored to go public.

Or, how do I describe my VC job to my 13-year-old brother?

This Thanksgiving, I came up with the *brilliant* idea that all of my siblings would prepare short presentations about our various jobs or school projects, and present them to each other + our parents.

I have six siblings, most of whom are younger than me and all of whom currently live in California. I’ve lived in NYC for four years and my youngest brother was starting kindergarten when I left for college…sometimes I wish they knew more about my life/career. Hence, the presentations!

Below was mine. I wrote about venture capital for a broad audience: my 13-, 15-, and 20-year-old…

In some ways, the venture capital and management consulting industries are more alike than they are different; but in other ways, it’s night and day. Take it from someone who’s done both.

Background on my perspective

Earlier this year, I made a career transition from management consulting to venture capital. The move was the result of my quarter life crisis (as I affectionately refer to it), during which I turned down job and graduate program offers that made me stressed and unhappy, and redirected myself toward things I found exciting and fulfilling.

Through a startup that I briefly consulted for, I was introduced to the General Partners at Indicator Ventures, who brought me on as an investment associate. …

Michelle Nacouzi

Investor @NorthzoneVC

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